Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Berlin Day 1

Set the alarm on 3 o'clock in the morning and took the flight to Schönefeld Airport. Although we were crazy tired we managed to have a nice first day that looked a bit like this: 

Bright yellow house in Kreuzberg, where we stayed. 

Lotta outside a German bakery, waiting to pick up the keys. 
Saw this on our beloved Graeferstrasse. 
Heading towarda a restaurant close to one of the beautiful canals. 
Revisited Hotel Bar in Kreuzberg, the first bar I ever walked into in Berlin almost exactly three years ago while backpacking through Europe.
The interior looks as if it hasn't been touched since 1977 but there is always at least a douzen fresh bouquets and it smells like a flowershop. Gets very crowded late at night!
They serve killer mojitos!

One of the many bouquets. 
Beautiful Ada, who is a Berliner now, and Lotta. 

After a long catch-up and hanging out by the bustling and magical canal we went to sleep. 

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