Thursday, 31 May 2012


Went to Greenwhich today and had a Mexican catch-up lunch with Talya. Afterwards we went to the market where we looked at WW2-helmets and Talya bought a beautiful camera from the 1920's. 
Decided I needed an evening in and spent a part of it watching 'Toy Story 3' with Jane, which made us tear up (doesn't take much). 

The Jubilee-celebrations are coming up in the UK and every streetcorner in London is drenched in Union Jack's, I've never been much of a monarchist but am going to a big dress-up party tomorrow where the dresscode is Jubilee, got the tiara sorted and am thinking 'Roman Holiday' goes TOWIE. We shall see. Will post pictures of the spectacle anyhow. 
Time to go to bed, sleep well everybody! Wrapping up with a picture of me sleeping in make-up worthy of a soap-opera-star.

Film of the Day.

Alright peeps, although I probably won't write a 'Film of the Day'-post literally every day, it is definitely going to be a re-occuring feature in this somewhat unfocused blog. The films will range from 1920's-productions to contemporary ones and the only element they will all have in common is my love for them! 
Without futher ado, let me introduce the first one (drumroll):

Loves of a Blonde (1965) Milos Forman

The protagonist in this Czechoslovakian new-wave film is the lovesick factory worker Andula. After a one-night-stand with a visiting pianist from Prague, she takes up his drunken offer to visit him in the capital. I read somewhere that Forman got the idea for the script when he encountered a young girl from the country in Prague who had done the exact same thing, but had been given a false adress and was standing alone on the street. Anyway. This film is funny, touching and also provides facinating insight into youth-culture in a country ruled by a communist regime and strict censorships. One of the chords the film struck with me was the longing to get away, the ambition to see something more and get out of a small town. 
I fell in love with the film the first time I saw it and hopefully you will too if you watch it. 

The white swimsuit.

Romy Schneider in 'La Piscine' with Alain Delon. 

I have been looking for a simple, white swimsuit for months now but on the rare occasion that I've caught a glimse of one, they have either been littered with either crystals or ugly prints and cutouts. It seems as if no store apart from expensive American websites sell any, but today I finally found a nice, classic one in Marks & Spencers of all places. I love the timeless look of it and as I stay pale all summer it seems like the most flattering color. If the weather permits, I will put it to good use in the lakes of Berlin, the Swedish west coast water and in the waves of the Côte d'Azur, the swimming season of 2012 can't start soon enough!

PS. Am really positively surprised over the numbers of visits to this blog, thanks for visiting! 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Monday to Wednesday. 

Transcendental Meditation

Finally got a few days off, so thought I would try something new today. 

But first I am going to head to Regent's Park, just lie in the grass and listen to The White Album. Have a nice Wednesday everybody!  

Chelsea Girls

One of the things I like most about London is all the cultural history embedded in every streetcorner. When I'm in Marylebone and Mayfair I fantasize about how The Beatles-members used to wander around those streets, how they ruled the cultural life of the city for a few years and made it swing. When I'm in Chelsea, I imagine Keith Richards stumbling out of his Edith Grove-flat with other members of the Stones, driving his Rolls Royce around Kensington whilst thinking up new guitar riffs. Although this London I dream about no longer exists, I still enjoy wandering around these mythical areas of the city, pretending there is still something magical in the air. 

Me, The Fab Four and Lotta.


Jane at lunch. 

Beautiful door. 

Cheyne Walk, just noticed the dog in the window now. 

Jane and Lotta before crossing the river. 

Lotta and me on Albert Bridge.

I have never seen such a colorful and pastel-y bridge in my life.

It looks like it belongs in an amusement park!

Battersea Park. 

London has loads of great parks, but this is definitely a new favourite mainly because it was so trippy!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dark Shadows.

Picturesource here

Seeing as I havn't really enjoyed any of Tim Burton's films for the last decade or so, I didn't expect that much of Dark Shadows walking into the cinema earlier tonight, but I loved it! The contrast between the romantic and the gothic with the lighthearted and cheesy 70's style meshed perfectly and worked really well together. The entire cast was great and, needless to say, Johnny Depp was funny and brilliant as always and as I'm a sucker for Eva Green (watch Cracks if you havn't) it was fun to see them acting together. Another nice surprise about the film was the character of Victoria, who was such as perfect Burton-babe, whose preppy but etheral 70's style was inspiring. Would definitely recommend everyone to go see this movie in the cinema. 

Monday, 28 May 2012


Photographs from a somewhat long weekend:

Walking to work through Peckham Rye Park. 

There's a bench for boys as well. Sweet. 

My sister Lotta looking beautiful as always in Dulwich Park. 

My lovely friend and roomie Jane. Not sure what I'm going to do when we will live on different continents in autumn. At least there's Skype and a planned roadtrip through the US. 

Lotta and Anna scheming their futures. 

Me and Jane in Telegraph Hill's upper park. 

Lotta at London Fields. 

Me after work Saturday. 

The Victorian Fun Fair. 


The cotton here doesn't taste nearly as good as it does in Sweden. 

Obligatory carousel-picture. 

Looking for that old turtle. 
After that I met up with Hanna in another park.

She had brought nice picnic-food.

On the Overground. 

Outside Rio Cinema in Dalston. 

Sweet ride. 

In east London with Swedish pick and mix-sweets. 

Hanna, Lotta and Anna at Cargo in Shoreditch. 

After years of clubbing we finally understood the value of flirting with the bartender. 

Cargo made me look even more forward to Berlin. 
Heading for the dancefloor. 

Beer in the sun.

Nice Sunday in the evening sun with Hanna, Yacob and some thai-food.

I came straight from work so resting my feet felt like a luxury, 

This girl was very fascinated by the fountain as I was. Nice weekend!