Friday, 25 May 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson's new film Moonrise Kingdom premiered in the UK today, so naturally I decided to go see it in the cinema. Me and my friends were very excited going in, but unfortunately all three of us left the cinema underwhelmed. 

The aesthetics and the soundtrack were amazing, as always in an Anderson-movie, but this time style really did go over substance. There was no real depth in the characters and the dialogue was uncharacteristically dull. One of the highlights though was Jason Schwartzman's five-minute appearance. I also enjoyed the 'Pierrot le Fou'-like scenes by the water, but probably wont watch it again until a rainy summer's night in another three years or so. The trailer and the premise (an Anderson-film set in the mid-1960's about two young lover running away) seemed so promising but guess I'll just have to re-watch his previous films in order to get the sense of elevation and inspiration I was hoping to get from this one. 

Tomorrow I'm going to a Victorian fun-fair in Dulwich Park after work and after that rent a boat. After that I will be in desperate need to go dance at a techno-club as I have not been since I went to Berghain over a month ago now!

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