Sunday, 27 May 2012


Back in February I spent a day in Stockwell as an extra in a music video for the band Fractures. Although it was practically still winter, the sun was shining and we spent most of the beautiful day in the garden acting like spaced out pixies. It looked really amazing but most of that material was cut out as it didn't fit in with the rest of the video. 
Here are some of the photos I took that day: 

Make-up and hair. 

The light in the garden was amazing. 

Trying to act spaced out. 


More garden-scenes. 

The smoke-machine came to good use. 


The treehouse. 

Everyone had to wear a mask. 

Most girls got beautiful Venetian ones, but I got the furry cat-one, because of my 'feline eyes'. Great. 

Between takes. 

Taking a break.

I really do like the song, it reminds me of Suede in their heyday but anno 2012. Check out the 'Ride'-video here!

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