Monday, 28 May 2012


Photographs from a somewhat long weekend:

Walking to work through Peckham Rye Park. 

There's a bench for boys as well. Sweet. 

My sister Lotta looking beautiful as always in Dulwich Park. 

My lovely friend and roomie Jane. Not sure what I'm going to do when we will live on different continents in autumn. At least there's Skype and a planned roadtrip through the US. 

Lotta and Anna scheming their futures. 

Me and Jane in Telegraph Hill's upper park. 

Lotta at London Fields. 

Me after work Saturday. 

The Victorian Fun Fair. 


The cotton here doesn't taste nearly as good as it does in Sweden. 

Obligatory carousel-picture. 

Looking for that old turtle. 
After that I met up with Hanna in another park.

She had brought nice picnic-food.

On the Overground. 

Outside Rio Cinema in Dalston. 

Sweet ride. 

In east London with Swedish pick and mix-sweets. 

Hanna, Lotta and Anna at Cargo in Shoreditch. 

After years of clubbing we finally understood the value of flirting with the bartender. 

Cargo made me look even more forward to Berlin. 
Heading for the dancefloor. 

Beer in the sun.

Nice Sunday in the evening sun with Hanna, Yacob and some thai-food.

I came straight from work so resting my feet felt like a luxury, 

This girl was very fascinated by the fountain as I was. Nice weekend!

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