Friday, 25 May 2012

New York Day 5

On day five, we took the ferry to Staten Island, walked across Manhattan starting in East Village and ending up in Chelsea. Every day in New York surpassed the previous one, this amazing day looked something like this: 

At the French breakfastplace again. Skimmed through W, wasn't very entertaining. 

Statue of Liberty. 

Embarrasingly enough not sure which bridge this is, but though it was beautiful. 

Had to hop off the ferry at Staten Island only to get back to the same boat again. 

The way back was even cooler. 

Approaching Manhattan. 

Nice view. 

Close to Wall Street and Ground Zero. 

On our way to get some ice-cream.

Ended up staying in Battery Park quite a long time. 

Then we went to East Village. The first thing we saw was a special $5 offer on palm readings. I am to marry at 29 with a man from the United States (have not met him yet) and we are going to have one girl and two boys. She saw a future in journalism, my life-line is long and lucky and I need to start meditating. 

Someone had left a little shoe-bouquet on the street. 

Walking from East Village to Greenwhich Village. 

We couldn't resist going back. 

Cool guys hanging out everywhere listening to the saxophones.

Had to get some pizza-slices. 

Continuing to West Village. 

Me on Jane St. 

Emina resting her poor feet. 

As we were in the neighbourhood we decided to stop for a drink at Cafe Gitane at Jane Hotel. It looked as if Wes Anderson had gone to Morocco and decided to build a bar. 

Then we walked along the whole stunning  High Line, through the Meatpacking District all the way up to Chelsea. I would picnic here every other week if I lived in New York. 

The High Line seemed like the best idea ever. 

On the other side.


People being creative. 

Had to wander through the Chelsea Hotel. It seems so strange that the building has not been landmarked and is now getting refurbished, such a shame. 

Inside. Thought about all the times I have read 'Please Kill Me' and dreamt about this place. 

When we got back to Brooklyn we felt like Mexican. 

And frozen strawberry margaritas. 

View from apartment window. 

Emina getting ready. 

Me in a 60's dress I bought in East Village earlier in the day.

Then we went to a bar called Lucky Dog, which was filled with cute dogs that wanted to be cuddled with!

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