Thursday, 31 May 2012

Film of the Day.

Alright peeps, although I probably won't write a 'Film of the Day'-post literally every day, it is definitely going to be a re-occuring feature in this somewhat unfocused blog. The films will range from 1920's-productions to contemporary ones and the only element they will all have in common is my love for them! 
Without futher ado, let me introduce the first one (drumroll):

Loves of a Blonde (1965) Milos Forman

The protagonist in this Czechoslovakian new-wave film is the lovesick factory worker Andula. After a one-night-stand with a visiting pianist from Prague, she takes up his drunken offer to visit him in the capital. I read somewhere that Forman got the idea for the script when he encountered a young girl from the country in Prague who had done the exact same thing, but had been given a false adress and was standing alone on the street. Anyway. This film is funny, touching and also provides facinating insight into youth-culture in a country ruled by a communist regime and strict censorships. One of the chords the film struck with me was the longing to get away, the ambition to see something more and get out of a small town. 
I fell in love with the film the first time I saw it and hopefully you will too if you watch it. 

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