Friday, 25 May 2012

New York Day 6

The Saturday in New York was spent bicycling around Central Park, a drink at The Plaza and an evening in Williamsburg. It was one of the most relaxing, beautiful and inspiring days of my life. 

Outdoor bookstore on Park Avenue. 

Feeling preppy with one of our turqoise bicycles. 

The water was green. 

Emina and me. 

Hanging out by the Boat House. A couple were getting married and the music and the atmosphere was so romantic there. 

Strawberry Fields. One of the crazy people hanging out there suddenly started an impromptou Lennon-tour. 
Couldn't think of a better book to bring that day. 

Outside the Dakota. 

It was pretty eerie and facinating even in broad daylight. Got all 60's romantical as usual and pictured Roman Polanski and Mia Farrow running in and out of this building shooting Rosemary's Baby. And of John Lennon of course, but that was only sad. 

The contrast between the outlines of the trees and the skyscrapers was stunning. 

Summer day. 

One of many stops in the park. 

An adorable puppy called Chloe. Her owner was such a New York-guy. 

More tall buildings. 

Central Park. 

Cute building. 

Nice backdrop. 

The $10 hat I had bought earlier came to good use. 

In front of our beloved Boat House. 

The fountain. 

Incredible musicians were standing at every new corner. 

Kids loved the Alice in Wonderland-statue.

Loved this lake. 


Felt very 5th Avenue. 

Inside the Plaza. 

Were thinking of Afternoon Tea here.

Eloise - oil on canvas. 

Incredible ceiling. 

Emina in a green velvet chair.

The lobby.

Enjoying the priciest coke of my life. 

Some bar in Brooklyn. 

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