Friday, 25 May 2012

New York Day 4 

On day four we decided to head to Greenwhich Village which I was very excited about. We started the day at a beautiful breakfastplace in Williamsburg that felt more like it belonged in Monaco than in N.Y. 

Ended up having the same breakfast three times during my stay, it was equally heavenly every time.

Felt like a day in July. 

Walking up Bleecker Street. Kept hearing Simon & Garfunkel in the back of my head.

Every street was even more beautiful than the previous one. 

We ended up staying in Washington Square Park for hours because the atmosphere there was so special, it really felt like the heart of the Village. 

There were loads of NYU-students graduating and having pictures taken of them jumping in the air. 

An amazing jazz-band had set up in the middle of the dry fountain and it was impossible to leave until their set was finished. At one point a couple got up and started dancing beautifully next to them, it looked like a scene from a film.

There were loads of tables like these, mostly occupied by old men playing chess in the sunshine. 

I was being romantical as always and dreamt about all my literary and musical heroes who have walked in and out of the park countless times. 

We stopped for a coke and nachos at a cosy café, they had left chalks at the table for you to fill it with scribblings. At the end of our lunch there was barely a centimeter empty.

This is where Bob Dylan had his first ever gig when he came to New York. Sigh. 

Further up Bleecker St. On our way to send some postcards.

Mythical crossing. 

All the houses were fascinating to look at. 

Emina was a trooper and kept walking even though she had blisters on her toes the size of her...toes.

Back in Williamsburg, ready for the evening.

At Juliette's. 

Me and Emina. 

The food was amazing, as all the food we had during our trip, and the cocktails as well. I had a cucumber, mint and dill-one. 

Then we went to Iona. 

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