Thursday, 31 May 2012


Went to Greenwhich today and had a Mexican catch-up lunch with Talya. Afterwards we went to the market where we looked at WW2-helmets and Talya bought a beautiful camera from the 1920's. 
Decided I needed an evening in and spent a part of it watching 'Toy Story 3' with Jane, which made us tear up (doesn't take much). 

The Jubilee-celebrations are coming up in the UK and every streetcorner in London is drenched in Union Jack's, I've never been much of a monarchist but am going to a big dress-up party tomorrow where the dresscode is Jubilee, got the tiara sorted and am thinking 'Roman Holiday' goes TOWIE. We shall see. Will post pictures of the spectacle anyhow. 
Time to go to bed, sleep well everybody! Wrapping up with a picture of me sleeping in make-up worthy of a soap-opera-star.

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