Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chelsea Girls

One of the things I like most about London is all the cultural history embedded in every streetcorner. When I'm in Marylebone and Mayfair I fantasize about how The Beatles-members used to wander around those streets, how they ruled the cultural life of the city for a few years and made it swing. When I'm in Chelsea, I imagine Keith Richards stumbling out of his Edith Grove-flat with other members of the Stones, driving his Rolls Royce around Kensington whilst thinking up new guitar riffs. Although this London I dream about no longer exists, I still enjoy wandering around these mythical areas of the city, pretending there is still something magical in the air. 

Me, The Fab Four and Lotta.


Jane at lunch. 

Beautiful door. 

Cheyne Walk, just noticed the dog in the window now. 

Jane and Lotta before crossing the river. 

Lotta and me on Albert Bridge.

I have never seen such a colorful and pastel-y bridge in my life.

It looks like it belongs in an amusement park!

Battersea Park. 

London has loads of great parks, but this is definitely a new favourite mainly because it was so trippy!

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