Thursday, 24 May 2012

New York Day 2

After waking up in quite possibly the most comfortable bed ever, me and Emina ventured out on the lovely but rainy Bedford Avenue to take the subway to Park Avenue and the Metropolitan Museum.

A lot of people thought going to the Met was a good idea on a rainy Tuesday. 

Amazing bookstore in the museum. 

At a great Polish restaurant in Brooklyn. 

Heading back to Manhattan in uncharacterestic updo. 

Surreal buildings. 

Outside Waldorf Astoria.


The most beautiful part, The Plaza was way more my taste. 


Times Square, felt like Piccadilly but still fun. 

Bought the tickets to 'Death of a Salesman' months ago, after the reviews came out it sold out straight away apparently. Was extremely excited about everything; Mike Nichols directed 'The Graduate', one of my favourite films and Philip Seymour Hoffman is always fantastic in everything he does.  

Inside the Barrymore Theatre. 

The play was as amazing as the reviews promised. We saw Andrew Garfield outside afterwards signing Spiderman-stuff, he was very cute but small. 

More neon. 

Emina looking suave. 

Tired but way happier than I look. 

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